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Three Small Changes that Yield Big Results in Marketing

“Less is more” is usually not a go-to mentality in marketing — especially when the industry has grown to serve an audience expecting quick, high quality, organic content that is both engaging and, in many cases, reflective of their interests and priorities.

That said, despite the consistent need for an aggressive, innovative approach, effective consumer engagement does not always have to be the product of broad shifts; sometimes, a few small changes can produce a noticeable impact and maximize a campaign’s performance. Here are three such changes that you can easily implement starting today.

Implement the gift effect

There is a lot of power in gift-focused product marketing: we see this every year around the holiday season when various toys, electronics, and appliances (among countless other products) are marketed as ideal gifts for loved ones, tapping into this audience’s collective sense of urgency. However, this tactic does not have to be confined to one time of year. By simply changing your copy to market a product as a gift, you increase your chances of not only garnering traffic, but also retaining customers for years to come. In fact, studies have shown that consumers purchasing gifts from a specific brand went on to spend 63 percent more with that same brand the following year.

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