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The Impact of Diversity on Marketing Results and Corporate Revenue

Diversity is a highly important variable for any collaborative work environment; it leads to stronger ideas, fresh perspectives, and more inclusive cultural values. Naturally, in digital marketing — a sector dependent on these dynamics — diversity can be a huge driver for success. Ad campaigns must be fluid and fully in-tune with target audience behaviors and expectations, and a more diverse marketing team makes it easier to approach this challenge while spurring progressive changes to the industry at large.

Creativity via culture

Diverse marketing teams may lead to crucial traffic-based engagement with ads, but they can also generate another type of important engagement: that which makes the workplace experience comfortable for all team members. Internal culture, in this regard, must be carefully built and fostered by team leaders to ensure a more efficient end product. As Engine CEO Ete Davies observes, “I champion diversity and inclusion in the industry because I believe in the differences between the people we have, their experiences, their backgrounds, their insights. That is where imagination lives … where true creativity is born.”

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