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Marketing for Online Gaming Audiences: Crucial Takeaways

As digital marketing becomes increasingly widespread and sophisticated, the online gaming community has emerged as a new frontier for engagement. A variety of gaming mediums and structures have, in themselves, opened a variety of new advertising doors for such audiences, creating a hotbed of opportunity.

Here are a few key considerations when tailoring ads for modern online gaming consumers.

The move to mobile

Mobile games now control over half of all global revenue in the gaming industry, and with the COVID-19 pandemic showing little sign of slowing down, this market has continued to thrive as a result of widespread quarantining and social distancing. As a result, digital marketing has seen influxes in this sector due to increased activity, and therefore, marketing teams should place emphasis on building such ads for a predominantly mobile interface.

The power of video

Video content, like online gaming, has seen a massive spike in popularity in the last two decades, garnering the vast majority of engagement and overall digital traffic in recent years alone; this makes it a natural companion to the gaming consumer market. In many cases, such ads are placed between active segments of free mobile games, merging ad presence with the progress of the game itself. Consider a video-first mentality when mapping out a new gamer-focused ad.

The broader market

The gaming community has become an inclusive, multifaceted realm for consumers of all walks and interests, with some games representing their own exclusive communities tailored for unique subsets of players. This notion has generated almost limitless potential for ad reach, and to effectively traverse this environment, brands must match its inclusivity and forgo tight niche targeting. As the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) reflects, “by crafting a more inclusive, welcoming brand identity, you will attract more attention, and foster greater trust with people.”

Originally published on in July 2020.

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